Diplomatica: Kosovo ambassador designate has big plans







Kosovo’s first head of mission has an ambitious plan for his posting in Canada.

Chargé d’Affaires Lulzim Hiseni, who will become ambassador as soon as the Canadian government approves his appointment, has been busy establishing Kosovo’s first embassy in Canada, a move his country made because it wanted to enhance relations with a government that has always been very supportive.

“Canada intervened to stop the policy of ethnic cleansing of the Milosevic regime in the name of universal humanitarian values,” he said.

Kosovo is seeking Canada’s support in continuing its bid for international acceptance as a nation independent from Serbia. “We are now recognized by 111 UN member states,” Hiseni said.

Kosovo is now a member of the World Bank, IMF and La Francophonie, and is looking for NATO, UN and, eventually, EU membership. He said its relations with Serbia are improving all the time, though Russian support remains elusive.

Hiseni said Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion has been a great supporter, dating back to the time when he was Liberal leader. “His party was in power when Canada decided to intervene in Kosovo,” he said, adding that Canada has admitted more than 7,000 Kosovar refugees since 1999, with the diaspora population now topping 10,000.

In addition to seeking political support, he’s hopes to seal a foreign investment protection agreement with Canada.