Canadian Breaking News: ‘I was sexually assaulted when I was an MPP, and I’ve been raped’: Sheila Copps

Sheila COPPS, Former Jean Chrétien-era Cabinet Minister and a former Deputy Prime Minister THE HILL TIMES, Ottawa Sex and politics can be a toxic mix. I hesitate to wade into the harassment allegations emanating from Parliament Hill because last week I committed a grievous personal lapse in judgment. Upon reading Jian Ghomeshi’s explanation of his […]

The Albanian Besa- The Golden Rule and the rescue of Jews

Saimir LOLJA Flas Shqip Editorial Board Albanians rescued at least 3280 Jews throughout the Holocaust Between the years 1933 and 1944, Albania in the Southeast of Europe saved not only her own Jews but also any Jew who could reach her borders. The fact is that in Albania all Jews were saved. They were not […]

New school helps Albanians in Halifax keep their language alive

Artan ABAZI WTV News, Halifax, Nova Scotia Albanian-Canadians in Halifax are hoping to preserve their language by teaching it to the next generation. The Albanian Canadian Association is offering children in Halifax a chance to learn Albanian every Saturday. The first lesson was held November 1st, with over 40 students already signed up. “This is […]